Is this the worst hire in the world? Absolutely not. Dave Dombrowski has won two World Series titles, one with the Boston Red Sox in 2018 and one with the Miami Marlins in 1997. He also brought the Detroit Tigers to two World Series, but failed to win it.

He doesn't come without flaws. Every organization he leaves, burns to the ground. Do you want to know why Mookie Betts is no longer a Red Sox? Well, look at the contracts of Chris Sale, David Price, Nathan Eovaldi. Losing Betts is a franchise changing move and let's be realistic, it's hard to get fired 11 months after winning a championship. The Tigers are still trying to rebuild from how he left the organization.

With that being said, Dombrowski has a role in this league, but I don't see his style fitting with where the Phillies are. He destroys minor league systems and he spends too much money. Is that what John Middleton wants to do right now? The message is unclear.

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