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Here is today’s show: Monday, September 23rd 2013.

It's a Monday edition of top tweets!

MLB.com covering the Phillies was on the line talking about the Phillies decision to hire Ryne Sandberg full time starting next season. Sandberg is 18-16 since taking over for a fired Charlie Manuel and was signed to a 3-year contract over the weekend. Zolecki also talks about the off season and what the Phillies can do to improve the team. Read The Zo Zone.

Philadelphia Inquirer called in as he does every Monday to talk some Eagles. McLane was asked about the adjustment period Chip Kelly is undergoing right now and he said that it's still early yet and many coaches make mistakes their first year on the job. The Eagles have a tough 3-game road trip ahead, although the Eagles haven't won a game at home in a year. This is especially tough after playing 3 games in 11 days. Follow McLane on Twitter.

1.  Does the Redskins being 0-3 put that Eagles win in a different perspective?

2. The Patriots and Dolphins are 3-0, the Jets are 2-1. Is the AFC East as good as it looks?

3. The Saints, Bears, Seahawks, Chiefs, Dolphins and Patriots are all 3-0… The Broncos are 2-0. Which are legit contenders and which are pretenders?

4. Today is Bruce Springsteen’s birthday… He’s 64. Favorite Springsteen song?

5. Today is Jason Alexanders’ birthday. He’s 54… Favorite George Costanza moment?