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Monday, May 13th 2013

Eagles Practice

Mike and Todd talk about the first Eagles practice under Chip Kelly during off season OTA's. Kelly has banned 'taco Tuesdays' along with 'Fast Food Fridays' and he has also implemented loud music during practices.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

Rob Neyer

National baseball writer for SB Nation, Rob Neyer called in to give us his view on the Phillies and really the state of baseball in general. Neyer thinks we've seen the last of the 'CY-Young award winning' Roy Halladay, but that doesn't mean he still cant be an effective pitcher. Neyer also talked about the state of baseball in particular the umpires. There will always be an issue with the umpires in MLB, but he asked if it was even 'worth it' to implement more replay. Follow Neyer on Twitter.


Top Tweets

Jeff McLane

Called in to give us his take on what he saw at Eagles practice. McLane said that the music is a bit of a new experience for the players, as they've had the Andy Reid version for the past 14 years. But McLane also said that it's still "football" and that most of the on field drills and plays were the same. Listen to the interview to find out who Jeff thinks may be starting in Week 1:

5 Questions

1. Favorite Chip Kelly song?

2. Least favorite Chip Kelly song?

3. Do you believe LeSean McCoy actually called Matt Barkley 'Mark?'

4. NBA games tonight, who ya got?

5. Will you now watch Tin Cup?

--Pete Giordano