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Here is today’s show: Monday, September 30th 2013.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

On every Monday and Friday with us talking about the Eagles season which is currently at 1-3 after a blowout loss in Denver yesterday. Brooks said that Chip Kelly needs to change and adjust his offensive play calling, as it was exposed yesterday. Brooks also talked about the struggles of the offensive line, a former offensive lineman is Brooks talked about the struggles Evan Mathis had yesterday. Catch Brooks every Monday and Friday at 3:05.

Eagles Offensive Line Problems

Furthering the struggles of the offensive line as Barrett Brooks pointed out, Mike and Todd talked about Lane Johnson and his transition to the NFL playing on the opposite side of the line, Johnson and both Luke Joekel and Eric Fisher are doing the same thing in their transition to the NFL. Gill again goes back to the drafting of Johnson in the first place, he would have rather moved Todd Heremans to LT and drafted a guard in the later rounds.


It's a Monday edition of top tweets!

Called in for a McLane Monday to recap the latest Eagles loss in Denver yesterday. McLane said he wouldn't have been surprised if he knew that the Eagles would be 1-3 in the first 4 games of the season. Bad offenses are ones that don't score in the redzone, have untimely penalties and drops, McLane also pointed out.  Follow McLane on Twitter.

1. Which five Eagles do you most want to see replaced?

2. A quarter of a way through the season, what odds do you give the Eagles of winning the division?

3.  Do you have more or less confidence in Chip Kelly now than you did the day he was hired?

4. If your life depended upon the outcome of a football game and you had to pick one NFC East quarterback for your team, who would it be?

5. Today is National Ask a Stupid Question Day… Chip to USC?