Even with the return of Carson Wentz in Week Three, the Eagles offense still only mustered 20 Points as the team is only 22nd in the NFL this season in Total Points Scored.  A plethora of injuries have plagued the Eagles Offense as the team was without Alshon Jeffrey, Mike Wallace, Mack Hollins, Jay Ajayi, and Darren Sproles versus the Colts this past Sunday.  Alshon Jeffrey appeared in all 16 games last season as the 2017 Eagles averaged 28.6 Points Per Game (Third best in the league in 2017)  and the offense compiled 38 Passing Touchdowns (Best in the NFL last season).  In the three games without Jeffrey this season, the Eagles are averaging just 19.7 Points Per game.

NBC Sports Philadelphia Eagles Analyst Barrett Brooks joined The Sports Bash on Monday and explained why Alshon Jeffrey is so valuable to the Eagles offense:

"(Jeffrey) gives you an opportunity to throw the ball, even when he's not open his catch rate is such that he can go out and get it even though he's covered. He's big enough, strong enough, and he contorts his body well enough his catch (radius) allows him to catch even though he is not open.  If you noticed - Carson (Wentz) was comfortable enough to throw the ball back shoulder to Alshon, understanding Alshon will go up and make a play on the ball as opposed to he wouldn't trust anybody else doing that....(Alshon)  grabs the ball from smaller (Defensive Backs) - he has a knack for being able to get open to get his body in position to shield off defenders. That's what he's good at; He doesn't have blazing speed, he has okay speed but it's a big thing is (that) he's great at getting his body in between the ball and the defender.  He attacks the ball when it's in the air at its highest point, that's what makes Alshon so good."

Checkout what Brooks had to say about the return of Carson Wentz, play of Jason Peters, perspective on Corey Clement, and more

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