In Saturday's Eagles win over the Falcons Nick Foles had a solid, steady performance going 23 for 30 Passing with 246 Yards and a 100.1 Quarterback Rating.  Also Foles was only Sacked once and had zero interceptions in a game where the offense did enough to put the Eagles in position to win.  Foles is now 10-6 as the starting Quarterback in Eagles' regular season and postseason home games as the team prepares for the NFC Championship home game match-up with the Minnesota Vikings.

NBC Sports Philadelphia Eagles Analyst Barrett Brooks joined Mike Gill on Monday discussing how the Eagles coaching staff game planned with Nick Foles at Quarterback:

“They understood that what (Nick Foles) does well is reactions – He understands how a Linebacker can move a certain way which will allow him to go to a successful read; If that Linebacker crashed, then he would just pull it and throw a pass right over that Linebackers’ head or the Slant or the Stop Route.  If that Linebacker stayed outside and got in the passing lane, then he can just give it to the Running Back because now the guy who that’s supposed to have (the Running Back) as far as his responsibility if he runs the ball is not crashing so he can make yards during a run.  It’s a great understanding of what Nick Foles can do, what he did when he was a better Quarterback, and how it was implemented into the game plan.  Masterful job, I got to take my hat off to what (Doug) Pederson did.”

Hear Brooks breakdown of the Eagles second half adjustments versus the Falcons, Jim Schwartz game plan, and more as the team prepares to host the Vikings in the NFC Championship game

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