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Monday April 1st, 2013.

Phillies Bold Predictions

Mike and Todd try their hands at some Phillies bold predictions for the 2013 season. Todd believes the Phillies will win the division, while Mike Gill thinks the Phillies will win the second wildcard spot. Mike and Todd also go over a list of each Phillies player and what can be expected of them.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

Phillies Over/Unders


Dave Isaac

Our Flyers Insider Dave Isaac phoned in to talk about their two game win streak after beating the Bruins and Capitals over the weekend. The trade deadline is on Wednesday at 3 p.m. and Isaac cant see the team trading one of their young pieces for just a rental player, rather it'd have to be for a Shea Weber type impact player. Isaac still wants to see more from the team before proclaiming them as playoff bound, although now they are in the conversation just two points behind the 8th position.

Top Tweets

Gregg Murphy

Called in from Atlanta to talk about Opening Night for the Phillies. Cole Hamels will start opening night for the first time in his career and Murph said that Hamels was humbled and just very excited about his chance to do that. Murph also commented on Roy Halladay and what the questions are surrounding him when he makes his 2013 debut. Follow Murph on Twitter.

5 Questions

1. Who will Phillies MVP be this season?

2. What are you looking forward to most of WVU joining the BIG 12?

3. Which road trip in Conference USA are you most likely to go on?

4. What's the best April Fool's Joke you've ever had pulled on you?

5.Should Flyers be buyers or sellers?

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