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 Here is today’s show: Monday, December 23rd 2013

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Barrett Brooks

Talks about the 54-11 beat down the Eagles gave to the Bears Sunday night and how much of a different team they looked from Week 15 in Minnesota. Brooks also talks about Chip Kelly and how different he is of a head coach since Week 1 as opposed to now. The Eagles will play for the NFC East division on Sunday night in Dallas and Brooks talks about what Cowboys offensive player the Eagles should be weary of. HINT: It's not who you think. Follow Brooks on Twitter. 

Todd Archer

ESPN NFL Nation Dallas Cowboys reporter called in for an early preview of the huge Eagles/Cowboys coming up this Sunday night. The winner will go to the playoffs and the loser will go home. For the Cowboys it's been reported that if they miss the playoffs for a third straight year, coaches will be fired. Archer said that Tony Romo isn't going anywhere, but for Jason Garrett it's means everything. On the comeback against the Redskins yesterday, Archer said no one could have predicted that and there was major relief and actual belief in the Cowboys locker room last night and Jason Garrett deserves credit for that. 

Jeff McLane

On Monday's at 5:30 for a McLane Monday. McLane breaks `down the injury to Tony Romo and what that means for the game on Sunday regarding a possible 'letdown.' McLane also talks about the game last night that had the Eagles crush the Bears 54-11. Follow McLane on Twitter.

5 Questions

1. What was your confidence level before the Romo news and what is it now with the Romo news for an Eagles victory on Sunday?

2. What does this do for Jason Garrett's job security?

3. What's your early line on Black Monday? How many coaches will be fired next Monday?

4. "We're From Philadelphia and We Fight." Where's that rank on the quotes list?

5. How brilliant is Festivus?