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Here is today’s show: Monday, October 12th 2013

Barrett Brooks

On for his weekly spot on the Eagles and said that yes, there is certainly a quarterback controversy after seeing what Nick Foles did yesterday against the Bucs. Brooks said that the offense is different when Foles is out there no matter what Chip Kelly tells the media. Brooks called the offense yesterday almost like a 'west coast' system where all the receivers got involved and taking what the defense is giving you. However, Brooks still will take Mike Vick as the starter because he's more dynamic and offers more in the running game. Follow Brooks on Twitter.

Shady on The Herd

LeSean McCoy called The Herd today and spent some time with Colin Cowherd. McCoy talks about the offense Chip Kelly has employed in the NFL and why it has been so successful in just 6 games. Shady called Kelly a 'genius' and also talked about the differences between his playbook and the playbooks of his former coach in Andy Reid. Can Nick Foles be a starter for the Eagles? McCoy answers that very question and also talks about his leading the NFL in rushing through the first 6 games.

Ryan Messick

Our Eagles Insider Ryan Messick called in with his take on the Eagles win over the Bucs yesterday. Messick talked about Nick Foles performance and how the offense differs from when he is the starter as opposed to when Mike Vick in place. Messick also touches on the emergence of Riley Cooper and why he hasn't had any performances like that when Vick is the starter. Follow Messick on Twitter.

Mike Vick or Nick Foles

Mike Gill talks about the QB 'controversy' that has become Mike Vick vs Nick Foles. Should Mike Vick start IF he is healthy this week? Does it even matter with the way Nick Foles is playing? Yesterday and today Chip Kelly hinted at a possible reevaluation and it sounds as if he is wavering on the QB situation. Mike Gill tells you who he would start this Sunday against Dallas for first place in the NFC East:

Jeff McLane

Jeff McLane on at 5:30 for his weekly spot recapping the Eagles game over the weekend. At his press conference today Chip Kelly refused to name a starting QB until he sees how Mike Vick is at practice tomorrow. McLane said if Foles plays the way he did against the Cowboys that he did against the Bucs then it would be hard for Kelly to go back to Mike Vick. The status of Vick is still up in there and starting in the Cowboys game would be a 'long shot.'

5 Questions

1. How many times is too many times for Ruben Amaro to call on Giancarlo Stanton?

2. Tori Hunter upside down and the Boston cop arms raised one of the greatest pics in sports history?

3. Can the Eagles look to draft a defensive player in the 1st round next season now with the emergence of Nick Foles?

4. Generally speaking, should a player lose his job due to injury?

5. Does Nick Foles need to beat Dallas for there to be a QB controversy?