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Thursday January 31st 2013.

Super Bowl 47

Mike and Todd open up a Monday show talking about the Ravens winning the Super Bowl last night. Joe Flacco wins the MVP award and many think he can now be considered an "elite" quarterback. Mike and Todd both think that Flacco and Eli Manning are the same type of QB. Mike and Todd both break down the controversial 4th and goal "non call." Was it defensive holding?

Greg Murphy

With the football season officially over, baseball now takes center stage. Spring Training begins for the Phillies in less than two weeks and Murphy thinks the season will depend on how the big three bounce back from injuries in Ryan Howard, Roy Halladay and Chase Utley. Murphy will be down there for just over 5 weeks and is curious to see how the outfield, in particular Delmon Young performs. Follow Murphy on Twitter.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL Ray Lewis as the best athlete to go out on top?

2. BUY or SELL Jim Harbaugh?


In this segment Mike and Todd break down the commercials of Super Bowl 47. What was your favorite commercial this year? Least favorite? I liked the Audi commercial involving a high school kid making out with the prom queen and leaving with a black eye. I also didn't like the Stevie Wonder commercials that were airing all night.

Top Tweets

It's a Monday edition of top tweets!

Ray Lewis

Mike Gill discusses Ray Lewis and what his legacy will be. Lewis was involved in a double homicide ten years ago and it is still unknown as to what Lewis was involved in doing. Lewis is a changed man and has seemingly found God and turned his life around. Mike Gill doesn't understand the people who think that someone can't turn their life around.

5 Questions

1.Should the Eagles release Vick by the deadline or not worry about the 3 million?

2. Most would say the Niners are the better team...What was the difference for the Ravens?

3. NY Post has a report there may be no halftime show next year due to the cold weather in a NY/NJ Super Bowl. Any second thoughts?

4. February now a lull, what’s the worst Sports Month of the year?

5. has the Eagles at 50-to-1 for next year Super Bowl. Bovada has them at 35 to 1. What do you think the number should be?

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