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Monday, January 21st 2013.

Manti Te'o

Mike Gill took calls on the Manti Te'o hoax controversy and how much involvement he had in it and whether or not teams will pass on him in the draft. Mike Gill wonders what his mental state will be like on a football team and how he will react to other players poking fun at him.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL Pat Schurmur as offensive coordinator?

2. Is Mike Vick buying or selling Pat Schurmur as offensive coordinator?

3. BUY or SELL Anna Burns Welker's comments about Ray Lewis?

Bob Cooney

Philadelphia Daily News reporter Bob Cooney called in to talk about the Sixers Spurs game tonight at 7. The game will also be televised nationally by TNT with former Sixers great Charles Barkley. Cooney updated Mike and Todd on the progress of Andrew Bynum and when we can expect him to be back on the court. Cooney said he is seeing a different emotion coming from Bynum making him to believe that the center is closer to returning. Follow Cooney on Twitter.

Top Tweets

A Monday edition of top tweets!

Hall of Famers

A text message came in to the show asking Mike and Todd how many hall of fame players will be playing in the Super Bowl in two weeks. The text messager said that by his count, 8 players would be playing including Ray Rice and Vernon Davis. Mike and Todd strongly disagree. How many Hall of Fa

mers do you have playing in Super Bowl 47?

5 Questions

1. Will Super Bowl be competitive?

2. Who will you be rooting for?

3. Who is gold standard in the NFL?

4. What chance do you give of all 4 Philly teams missing the playoffs in 2013?

5. Favorite speech of all time?

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