Chip Kelly responded to college coaching speculation on Tuesday in a conference call with Detroit Lions media.

"I have a job," he told reporters.

Later that day, social media ran rampant with an appearance ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter made on Sirius XM NFL Radio.

Remember, this is only an opinion from Schefter and while he's one of the more connected reporters in the league, this is not a concrete report of any kind.

“I think the momentum and signs seem to be piling up against a Chip [Kelly] return to Philadelphia,” Schefter said.

“I think both sides are sick of each other. I think the fans are tired of him. I think he’s tired of the situation there. That’s just my read from afar.”

The comment of Eagles executives and Kelly being mutually "sick of each other" is something that has merit. In the offseason, Kelly was given total autonomy of the roster after winning a public battle with incumbent general manager Howie Roseman. The longtime Eagles executive had his GM title removed and was jettisoned upstairs. The Eagles even fired some of Roseman's assistants in the shake up.

So Schefter was responding to a question posed by the host Pat Kirwan who is in tune with the league himself. Kirwan, a former league executive, alluded to a conversation he had with a colleague intimating that Kelly and the Eagles could be headed for a divorce.

Now while Schefter is one of the more connected reporters in the NFL, it also doesn't take him to understand that the Eagles are in dire straits right now at 4-6 and in danger of having this season spiral out of control. Moreover, his comments only bolster and support what NFL insiders already believe about the situation. While not citing any "sources," Schefter's previous credibility and sources for that matter, lend a hint of believably to his comments.

Kelly arrived on the NFL scene with great fanfare from the college game at Oregon and even won 20 games his first two years in the league. Total autonomy given to him in the offseason allowed him to make massive changes to the roster in the offseason, but the Eagles have been noticeably weaker and clunkier on offense thus far this season.

“I just think that Chip Kelly, if given a choice, might be comfortable elsewhere,” Schefter finished the conversation with.

That choice may come in the offseason with plush college football jobs becoming available at USC, Miami and perhaps LSU. If Kelly wants to remain in the NFL, the Tennessee Titans and Marcus Mariota will be looking for a new head coach.

Kelly has two years remaining on his five-year contract after this season and with the Eagles destined for a underachieving season, the questions and speculation will continue to rise.

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