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Why You Should Be Worried About Kelly's Future
Chip Kelly responded to college coaching speculation on Tuesday in a conference call with Detroit Lions media.
"I have a job," he told reporters.
Later that day, social media ran rampant with an appearance ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter made on Sirius XM NFL Radio.
Add The U to the List of Landing Spots for Chip Kelly
We've dealt with our fair share of Chip Kelly back to college rumors.
USC was one of them, heck even Maryland was written about this year. One high profile university that hasn't been mentioned much, until now, is Miami.
Appearing on FOX Sports Radio today with Colin Cowherd, loud mouth media member (…
Dont Shoot the Messenger: McNabb Thinks Kelly Could be Fired
There's no question Chip Kelly has had a rough go at it this season.
In his third year, he put this roster through a massive overhaul and the team reached their bye week at a record of 3-4. Skiddish play from their quarterback, along with below average play from their new look wide receiver corp…
University of Maryland President Wants to Hire Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly had any Nike uniform he wanted at Oregon.
Now it seems he could have any Under Armour uniform he wants.
University of Maryland president Wallace Loh sat down with The Baltimore Sun and gave an interview surrounding the future of the Terrapin football program...