We've dealt with our fair share of Chip Kelly back to college rumors.

USC was one of them, heck even Maryland was written about this year. One high profile university that hasn't been mentioned much, until now, is Miami.

Appearing on FOX Sports Radio today with Colin Cowherd, loud mouth media member (also broken up with ESPN) Jason Whitlock speculated on the fact that Kelly could ultimately end up at University of Miami.

Most of it is malarkey with no concrete basis so its just another school to add to the list of potential landing spots for Kelly. It does continue to remain a guarantee that if things dont work out with Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles, he will land on his feet by the next day with a new job.

Here's the malarkey from Whitlock:

“I wanna say this: My prediction is, Colin, Chip Kelly will be the next head coach a the University of Miami. At the U. Chip Kelly. They can pay the money, if you go look at his coaching staff there’s guys on that coaching staff with Miami connections. Those athletes, in Chip Kelly’s offense at the University of Miami, will be tremendous. That’s my prediction.”

Currently with the Eagles coaching staff, not many have University of Miami connections. A few Florida connections in there, but it's mostly Oregon and New Hampshire connections with his assistant head coaches.

The Hurricanes just parted ways with Al Golden last week after a 58-0 loss at home against number one ranked Clemson.

It's no doubt that Miami will want to hire a big name to get some of their boosters back on board, including some former players.

But for right now Kelly is focused on one thing: beating the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.