There's no question Chip Kelly has had a rough go at it this season.

In his third year, he put this roster through a massive overhaul and the team reached their bye week at a record of 3-4. Skiddish play from their quarterback, along with below average play from their new look wide receiver corp has contributed to these struggles.

Kelly was given all decision-making power this offseason by owner Jeffrey Lurie after relieving Howie Roseman of his general manager duties.

We now know who to blame.

Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb agrees with this premise and implied to a Syracuse media outlet that Chip Kelly could be fired.

“Well, he better win soon. You talk about the tenure I had, over a decade of winning successfully, making it to the playoffs. First round meant nothing to us. It was second round, NFC Championship or Super Bowl.

We’ve had a top-five offense, but he hasn’t had any playoff wins to show for it. We can talk about how smart you are and the numbers you’re putting up, but Philadelphia is used to winning. If you’re not winning, it’s going to be next man up.”

Is he right?

Listen, McNabb has said some pretty foolish things in his punditry days, but he may have a point here.

It's no secret that Lurie would like to keep Kelly here for as long as he can, but would Kelly want to see it through?

With each loss that piles up, the pressure will continue to mount and the questions will continue to be asked.

McNabb knows what the expectations are with this fan base and ownership, if Kelly cant meet those after overhauling a 10-6 team then perhaps it could be time for next man up.

(h/t Crossing Broad)