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Thursday March 28th, 2013.

Randall Cunningham

Eagles legend Randall Cunningham was on today's show to promote his new book released this week entitled Lay it Down: How Letting Go Brings Out Your Best. Mike Gill asked Cunningham if the Eagles would have a Super Bowl ring if he didnt get injured in 1991 and Cunningham agreed. He also thinks that the Fog Bowl year was another season that should have brought home a title. Cunningham talks about his 4th longest punt record and how his coach Buddy Ryan just told him to 'go out there and punt, kid.' Go get the book!



Sweet 16 tips off tonight on 97.3 ESPN FM and Mike and Todd go over their brackets and what teams they need to advance on through. Todd is clinging to hope that Miami advances to the final, while Mike needs Indiana to advance.

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