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Here is today’s show: Thursday October 11th, 2012

Ibanez Ties and Wins It

Mike and Todd open today's show talking about Yankees Raul Ibanez tying the game and winning the game for the Yankees last night. Both wonder if Charlie Manuel would even think about pinch hitting a player like Alex Rodriguez for a player like Raul Ibanez. I doubt it and so do they. Yankees vs. Orioles Game 4 on 97.3 ESPN FM tonight at 7:37.

KC Joyner

ESPN.com Football Scientist KC Joyner called in to preview the Eagles game this Sunday against the Detroit Lions. he still is seeing some things from Mike Vick that he doesn't like even though he hasn't thrown an interception the last few games. Follow KC Joyner on Twitter.

Jeff Pasquino

Our Fantasy Football Insider Jeff Pasquino gives you the latest starts and sits for Week 6 in the NFL.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL Matt Cord as Sixers PA?

2. BUY or SELL Ricky Waters as your honorary captain for Eagles/Lions?

3. BUY former Phillie you want to win World Series and SELL who you dont?

Athletes Turned Actors

In memory of Alex Karras, former Lions player and actor who passed away yesterday was one of the few successful athletes who turned himself into a successful actor. We took callers the whole 4 p.m. hour to see if they could guess any athletes on their list. Winners received Rutgers University football tickets:

Dei Lynam

Dei Lynam called in LIVE from Orlando as the Sixers get ready to open their pre season schedule against the Magic. Lynam said that so far the players look like they've all improved their jump shots especially Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner. She also said expect to see Jason Richardson in your starting lineup come opening night. Read more from Dei Lynam.

Top Tweets

It's a Thursday edition of Top Tweets!

Ryan Messick Talk Eagles Practice

At 5:30 our Eagles Insider Ryan Messick came on and talked about his time at Eagles practice today. It seems that the Eagles may think about using DeSean Jackson on punt returns, rookie Damaris Johnson is struggling.

5 Questions

1. Too soon for Todd McShay draft talk?

2. Eagles ahead, behind or even health wise at Week 6?

3. Worried about Eagles lack of sacks?

4. Excitement level in seeing Kwame Brown?

5. 10/11/12: do you care?


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