Keith Law

Trade Chase Utley so said Keith Law, today on The Sportsbash. Law also said look to trade Jimmy Rollins and even Cliff Lee if you get a strong offer for him. Law's reasoning was that Utley will look to walk in the off season anyway and the "last thing you want to do if youre the Phillies is sign him to a long term deal." Law also said that the Phillies need to realized and come to terms with the fact that they arent a very good baseball team and that they need to sell their assets. Follow Keith Law on Twitter.

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Thomas Beisner

KSTV anchor in Louisville called in to give us a preview of what Sixers fans can expect to see from Nerlens Noel who they acquired in a draft day trade with the New Orleans Pelicans. Beisner said that the ACL injury was certainly a factor of him slipping in the top 10 and Noel also had some character concerns at UK. Beisner reiterated some concerns that many basketball people have in that Noel is a skinny player when compared to other NBA big men. Noel will never be a player who fills out and can get strong down low. Follow Beisner on Twitter.


Barry Melrose

Got the latest on the Flyers moves with Barry Melrose here and asked him about the ongoing rumors between the mutual interest between Tim Thomas, former Bruins goaltender and the Flyers. Melrose said that the Flyers made the mistake in Bryzgalov, they recognized it and cut him loose.

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Andy Katz

ESPN college basketball insider called in to talk about the 3 players the Sixers added last week: Nerlens Noel, Michael Carter-Williams and Iranian Arsalan Kazemi. Katz said it was a great night for the Sixers to wind up with both Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter-Williams. Katz said Noel would have been the consensus number one overall pick if he didnt rupture his ACL. Katz thought Ben McLemore as the only All-Star in this draft, but also said if Noel and MCW reach their potentials they could be valuable pieces.

5 Questions

1. Who was the best Phillie during the last six years?

2. Who was your favorite Phillie during the last six years?

3. Jonathan Papelbon called it an absolute joke that Yasiel Puig is a candidate for the all-star game, and said it’s kind of stupid… Is he out of line?

4. Today is National Bubba Day… Are you a fan of the name Bubba?

5. Today kicks off National Business Etiquette Week, what is your most annoying breach of business etiquette?

--Pete Giordano