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Thursday February 14th, 2013.

NBA All-Star Weekend

Mike and Todd open up a Tuesday show talking about the NBA All-Star Weekend and what's wrong with the events and what they could do in the future in order to fix it. Todd doesn't understand why stars like LeBron James, Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook refuse to participate in the dunk contest. Mike Gill claimed that he didn't watch 'one minute' of the All-Star game on Sunday.

Andrew Bynum

Spoke to the media today about his status and when his target date for a return is. That caused Mike Gill to bring up the question: Would you make the trade again, knowing what you now know? Mike and Todd heavily disagreed with eachother with Todd Ranck saying that you traded away your assets and got nothing in return for them, while Mike Gill thinks that it's not all about what you received on the court.


Tuesday's #askmikeandtodd:

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL the Phillies letting Charlie Manuel manage this season as a lame duck?

2. BUY or SELL coaches getting too physical with their players?

3. BUY or SELL Dennis Dixon throwing a pass for the Eagles this season?

Dom Irrera

Stand-up comedian Dom Irrera called in to promote his appearance at the Tropicana in two weeks. He talks with Mike Gill about being from South Philadelphia and his cameo appearance on Seinfeld as 'Ronnie K.' For tickets click here.

Top Tweets

It's a Tuesday edition of top tweets!

Tom Moore

Sixers beat writer called in to weigh in on the Andrew Bynum debate. Moore said he couldn't blame the Sixers for taking a shot because of what he did last season and the Sixers were in need of a change with Andre Iguodala as your face of the franchise. The trading deadline is on Thursday and Moore doesn't expect the Sixers to make any trades before then. Follow Moore on Twitter.

5 Questions

1.The Flyers beat the Islanders 7-0. Was that a turning point in the season?

2. The World Cup will use goal-line technology in 2014. There are camera based and magnetic based systems up for consideration. Should the NFL and NHL do the same?

3. Colin Cowherd said race was a factor in the Pacers low attendance, do you agree or go with the hard evidence on star power, scoring offense, unemployment?

4. Ben Revere will get a shot at the lead off spot. Who will be the Phillies lead off hitter on opening day?

5. Today is Chocolate Mint Day. What is your favorite chocolate mint? (Junior Mints, Andes, other?)

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