Sam Hinkie still holds the title as general manager for the Philadelphia 76ers.

How much general managing is Sam Hinkie doing? That is up for debate.

According to a Calkins Media report, Sam Hinkie is not calling the shots for the team at this trade deadline. It's Jerry Colangelo.

As for who's running the basketball show for the Sixers now, the first source said, "From what I heard, teams in the NBA are calling Colangelo" with trade proposals.

"Hinkie's not calling the shots — it's Colangelo," said the second source. "People in the know know that. When it originally took place, people thought Colangelo was working for Hinkie. They were sadly mistaken. Colangelo doesn't work for anybody."

It's important to understand that Hinkie has not just been lessened to fetching coffee and sandwiches for other executives, but it's clear that Colangelo is calling the shots and will be for the team in the future.

The Sixers have a potential to have as many as four draft selections in the first round and a slew of other assets including three centers to think about trading in Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor.

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