Sam Hinkie

Sixers Face Daunting Task of Fixing a Mediocre Mess
The Sixers have become exactly what they fought so hard not to be, a team stuck in the middle, with no way out, trapped under bad contracts, poor front office decisions and awful roster construction. All of these things have led the Sixers right back down the path of mediocrity.
Putting a Wrap on the Hextall Firing, a Wild Week for Flyers
This is the wild week that has been for the Flyers as an organization from the decision to fire Ron Hextall to the aftermath, the press conference, the information surfacing as a result of the move and the opinions of the move being right or wrong. One week after the move, as the Flyers move closer to hiring a new GM, it’s time to put a wrap on the talk about Hextall: the good, the bad and the ugly.
Don’t expect the Sixers to bring back Sam Hinkie
The Sixers will cast their net far and wide when it comes to considering candidates for their now-vacant General Manger position. Internal candidates will be considered, as well as already-established candidates currently working for other organizations, as well as those with experience but out of work...
Now What...
What's next for the Sixers now that Bryan Colangelo is no longer with the team? The Sports Bash discussed with ESPN Front office insider Bobby Marks.
Sixers GM Options
With Bryan Colangelo out as Sixers President of Basketball Operations, here are some names that could replace him.

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