Tuesday, June 18th 2013

Jason Sobel

Golf Channel's Jason Sobel called in to recap the US Open from nearby Merion today and also answered a few questions on whether or not it will return in the future. Now the next available year is 2021 and Sobel told Mike and Todd that he does believe it will return at some point. The only thing that may need to be improved are the logistics of the course, i.e. clubhouses, driving range, putting green, etc. Follow Sobel on Twitter.

Dave Isaac

Our Flyers insider called in to talk about the Flyers signing of Mark Streit, a defenseman from the Islanders whom they acquired last week in a trade. There have also been some grumblings about the Flyers look to trade with (again) the LA Kings and acquire their backup goaltender in Johnathan Bernier. This would obviously have to come with the buyout of Ilya Bryzgalov and Dave wants to hold off on that for now. Isaac did say that he expects Danny Briere to be bought out with this signing of Streit. Follow Isaac on Twitter.


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Matt Hammond LIVE

Phillies vs. Nationals with Cliff Lee on the mound.

Mark Mulder

ESPN, Baseball Tonight analyst called up to talk about the state of pitching in the Phillies organization. Mulder said that he would think long and hard about trading Cliff Lee if good enough prospects are offered. On Cole Hamels, Mulder said he never experienced the lack of run support season that Hamels is going through, but knows how frustrating it can be.

5 Questions

1. Should the Flyers trade for Jonathan Bernier?

2. Chris Christie was asked by an elementary student today what his favorite teams are… Can you guess? (Mets, Knicks, Rangers, Cowboys)

3. Game 6 pick?

4. It was on this day in 1682 that William Penn found the location that would become Philadelphia, it was officially founded in October that year… Did you believe in the curse of William Penn?

5. It’s International Sushi Day… I know you like seafood, but do you like raw seafood?