Jayson Stark, ESPN.com, joins Mike Gill on 97.3 ESPN FM every Friday throughout the baseball season for The Stark Report.

Today, Stark talked about the rough start to the season the Phillies are having with a sub-par record and a clear inability scoring runs.

Cole Hamels has been a player that's been engulfed in trade rumors the past few seasons and Stark is worried about the trade value for the Phillies ace.

"If Cole Hamels doesnt pitch any better than he is now, what are you going to get for him," Stark asked.

Chase Utley is also a player the Phillies should be looking to move on from, but Stark detailed the problems facing the team as his value isn't where it was last season when Utley wasnt willing to accept a trade.

Also on Ryan Howard and Stark made sure to remind us that he has a 10/5 clause coming this month meaning that the Phillies will be unable to trade him without his consent, first. Of course, that's a moot point because there have been no takers in on Howard.

Stark joins Gill every Friday at 3:05 and 5:05 throughout the baseball season:

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