Chip Kelly

Mike and Todd opened up a wild Wednesday show with stunning news that the Eagles had hired Chip Kelly. Todd has been all over the Eagles hiring this man and cannot wait to see his offense on the field next season. Mike Gill says that while Kelly wasnt his first, second or third choice, Kelly now makes the Eagles the most intriguing team in the NFL.


Here are several of our listeners who called in today with their reaction to the Eagles hiring Chip Kelly.

Ian Rapoport

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport called in to talk about the hire and said that it was Howie Roseman that was behind the Chip Kelly hire. Rapoport also said something interesting in that he wouldn't be surprised if both Mike Vick and Nick Foles would be back on the team next season. Follow Rap on Twitter.

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Trevor Matich

ESPN NCAA analyst Trevor Matich called in to break down the Chip Kelly hire. Matich says that Kelly's offense will certainly translate to the NFL, although you wont see the 80 yard touchdowns. As far as personnel goes, Matich said that "ideally you'll have offensive skilled players that are quick enough to keep up." The QB is the one who needs to keep everything straight and make the correct read.

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Mike Bellotti

Former Oregon coach and AD Mike Bellotti called in to talk to about what kind of a hire this is for the Eagles. Bellotti said he talked to Kelly about a week ago and he seemed to say that he had made up his mind about staying at Oregon. But Bellotti said that it was "inevitable that he'd be going to the NFL." Some great insight from the man who hired Chip Kelly.

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