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Wednesday March 6th, 2013.

One Player to help the Eagles?

Mike and Todd ask a question to the Eagles fans: If you could pick one player in the NFL other than a QB that you would sign to help this team, who would it be? Mike and Todd give their thoughts and we get your thoughts as well.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL Wes Welker as a 'system WR?'

2. BUY or SELL the Rory McIlroy 'walk off?'

Marc Jackson

Joins us every Wednesday to talk Sixers and told Mike and Todd today that the team just isnt gelling right now and it's disappointing because Doug Collins is doing all that he can. Jackson says the team will definitely make changes this off season and you cant fault the team for the roster they have. Jackson also believes that you can't give Andrew Bynum a second chance next season because of the way his knees swelled up after practicing for the first time. Follow Jackson on Twitter.


A Free Agent to Help the Eagles

With free agency beginning next week, Mike Gill gives the listener one free agent that the Eagles should target on Tuesday, Jared Cook. Gill knows that Chip Kelly likes to use the tight ends in his system and Cook fits the bill as an athletic, pass catching tight end. He suggests that the Eagles should use Celek as more of a blocking tight end and have Cook as the pass catcher.

Top Tweets

It's a Wednesday edition of top tweets!


Compliments of Liberty Ballers

5 Questions

1. Mike Gill's question from today: If you could choose one player in the NFL other than a QB to join the team, who would it be?

2. You mentioned 'dream team' today...we know the Eagles wont be the team, but what team would you expect to take the 'dream team' route in free agency?

3. Your favorite #sixersmovie?

4. MVP and LVP of Flyers halfway through?

5. Today is National Frozen Food Day: What's Your Favorite Frozen Food?

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