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 Here is today’s show: Wednesday October 18th 2013

Phil Anastasia

Been covering high school football for years called in to talk about the issue of Lower Cape May forfeiting their game against Holy Spirit, citing health concerns. Coaches and staff of Lower Cape May are worried that their players made up of mostly freshman and sophomores are at a health risk against the older, more physical Holy Spirit team. The Spartans are also # 1 in many polls, while the LCM team is winless with a 40+ average margin of defeat. Follow Anastasia on Twitter.

Mike McGarry

Press of Atlantic City covering the Cape Atlantic League called in for his side of the story involving LCM and Holy Spirit. McGarry said the timing just wasnt right for Lower Cape May as they didnt give Holy Spirit the best notice in forfeiting their game. McGarry does understand where LCM coach Bill Miller is coming from, can also understand the side of things from Holy Spirit and head coach John Ianucci. Follow McGarry on Twitter.

Top Tweets

It's a Wednesday edition of top tweets!

KC Joyner

The Football Scientist for ESPN.com called in for a whip around in the NFL for Week 8 in the NFL season. Joyner also has his thoughts on Nick Foles performance against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Joyner said that the 'experiment was over' and Foles just doesn't fit in this offense. Follow Joyner on Twitter.

Sheil Kapadia

Philly Mag covering the Eagles. Kapadia comes on every Wednesday at 5:30 to go over the All-22 film with Mike Gill. Kapadia wasnt sure what happened to Nick Foles on Sunday and why he struggled the way he did. Kapadia also previews the upcoming Eagles vs. Giants game on Sunday. Follow Kapadia on Twitter.

5 Questions

1. World Series starts tonight, what’s your pick?

2. Last time the Sox and Cards met in the World Series in ’04, we didn’t have Google Maps, Twitter, Androids, iPhones, YouTube, Blu Ray and Gmail… Which do you value the most? (WCVB)

3. Chip said he’s not comfortable with the Eagles QB situation… Should he admit that?

4. Today is Doug Flutie’s 51st birthday… His game winning TD for BC vs. Miami in ’84 obviously one thing he’s really well known for… What’s your favorite walk-off play in any sport ever?

5. Today is TV Talk Show Host day, who’s your favorite TV talk show host?