Over the last 100 years, the Submarine Sandwich has been called different names depending on which part of the Northeast you originate from. This sandwich, traditionally associated with Italian-American immigrants, has almost mythological origins, and people have debated the name for decades.

While the origins of the "Sub" Sandwich name are in New London, Connecticut, and Wilmington, Delaware in the 1940s, the "Hoagie" dates back to the 1920s in Philadelphia. The "Hero Sub" became a popular name in New York City during the 1930s.

Because people originally said that you had to be a "hog" or "hero" to eat these sandwiches, the Submarine has historically been some of the largest sandwiches on menus around the Northeast.

But New Jersey is a melting pot of people who moved here from the surrounding areas, so the regional influences on the Submarine Sandwich were brought to The Garden State.

So Does New Jersey Call These Sandwiches "Hoagies", "Subs", or "Hero"?

A new study performed by the PlayStar research team reviewed Google Search Data to find out what New Jersey residents prefer to call their Submarine Sandwich. They gathered data on the most popular sandwich-filling searches to find out what the most popular name that New Jersey calls their sandwiches.

In a press release from PlayStar, their research team found that 53.8 percent of New Jersey residents call this popular sandwich a "Sub". This is not surprising considering this study factors in all of the state and not just North or South Jersey.

What is surprising from the results is that "Hoagie" is the least popular of the sandwich names. Just 15.4 percent of NJ Residents call the Submarine Sandwich a "Hoagie" instead of a "Sub". In another shocking development to anyone living in South Jersey, 30.7 percent of New Jersey residents call the sandwich a "Hero".

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