Nelson Agholor

Another Running Back? Jalen Reagor? Andre Dillard?
The Philadelphia Eagles are looking for another running back. Carlos Hyde is no longer available, Devonta Freeman turned down money from the Seahawks, and LeSean McCoy rumors are emerging. It's okay if the Birds don't get anyone and utilize some undrafted running backs. Also, I dive into Jalen Reagor's versatility and compare what he can bring to the table stats wise to.... Nelson Agholor! Tra Thomas recently broke down Andre Dillard's tape and it leaves me optimistic!
What is the Logic Behind Drafting Jalen Hurts?!
I will never see why the Eagles' front office decided to draft Jalen Hurts in the second round of the NFL Draft. They just committed to Carson Wentz, paying him over $100M guaranteed. I don't trust a word that comes out of Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson. The only way this would make a little bit of sense is if they don't believe in Wentz anymore. That's it. A gadget guy? Saving salary? Insurance if Wentz gets coronavirus? You name it, the excuses are coming out of fans trying to rationalize this pick. Reality is, if they truly believed in Wentz, this would not of happened. I like Hurts and I think everyone who followed his college career will agree he has an awesome head on his shoulders. To expect him to be a developmental quarterback and walk right into a backup spot is nonsense. Not only that, now the Eagles want him to learn how to play running back, wide receiver, and other positions? This is flat out ridiculous!
After 4 Seasons, How Great is Doug Pederson & Jim Schwartz?
Doug Pederson and Jim Schwartz is the duo for the Philadelphia Eagles and has been for the last 4 seasons. In Pederson's rookie season, the Birds wen't 7-9, but that doesn't hold too much stock and the Super Bowl run was absolutely magnificent, but the last 2 years were disappointing. He is a tremendous leader and that's something you can't teach. I am not going to be satisfied if year in and year out we are talking about 4-6 or 5-7 records before digging out of a hole. How about they stop putting themselves in that position to begin with? Jim Schwartz gets way too much hate as he is the ultimate scapegoat. With a roster that fits his scheme, he has the firepower to call fantastic games. He has been dealt brutal hands over the last couple seasons.
After 4 Seasons, How Great is Carson Wentz?
Carson Wentz has been the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles for four seasons now. He has been through a roller coaster during that time, but I still really believe he can deliver a championship to this city. In this podcast, I look at: - Carson's play through 2016-2019. - At age 28, what will his development look like? - The blessing of Carson is also his curse.
The Eagles Should NOT Trade Up For a WR or Trade Zach Ertz
The Philadelphia Eagles should not move up in the draft to acquire a top tier wide receiver. I think they can land a very very good receiver at 21 and still keep other assets. Also, I don't understand this obsession with trading Zach Ertz. It is totally possible to utilize him and Dallas Goedert. This has turned into a tight end league. Finally, Mike Greenberg of ESPN believes the Birds will win the NFC. I can't see that happening AT ALL.
Eagles Acquire Darius Slay
The Philadelphia Eagles acquired Darius Slay in a trade with the Detroit Lions. The Eagles gave up a third round pick and a fifth round pick. Also, Slay received a three-year contract extension worth $50 million, $30 million guaranteed. This is everything the Birds needed right now. A cornerback that is reliable, can shut down opposing wide receivers, and a leader after losing Malcolm Jenkins. Howie Roseman was getting criticized for missing out on Byron Jones and other free agents at the start of everything, but his patient approach is something that needs to be noticed. It doesn't mean this team won't get better! There is plenty of time left!
Inside the Birds: DeSean Return in 2020?
Adam Caplan shares intel on the Eagles' thinking on DeSean Jackson's return on the latest episode of Inside the Birds with co-host Geoff Mosher. In a two-part series that examines the team's offseason outlook, Caplan and Mosher take a look at the offensive side and go through the tough decisions that lie ahead for Roseman and the front office.

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