Danny Briere: “I Was Trying To Protect Us”
And you can’t kill the guy for playing Mr. Brightside. Especially not if he’s Mr. Playoffs.
Still, maybe Danny Briere shouldn’t have been feeding the team a through-a-rosy-lens look at how this series was going to shake out and why, taking a patient and…
Claude Giroux: “Know I Gotta Step It Up”
Claude Giroux knew the Flyers had to be better in Game 3 after a sluggish performance in Game 2 resulted in a 4-1 loss versus New Jersey.
It didn't happen, not he knows he needs to be the guy to step up if the Flyers want to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.
Devils Take Series Lead with 4-3 Overtime Win
The Flyers looked spent. Gassed. Beat. Physically, emotionally, in every sense and stretch of the term. Dudes was drained.
To that end, Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semis showcased the same, irksome discrepancy in team energy and top-to-bottom efficacy that did the one before...