Elton Brand

Sixers Continue Organizational Restructure
Heading into this shortened offseason, the Sixers had a lot on their hands, and they don't seem to be wasting any time. Along with making changes in the coaching staff, the organization is also making strides to change the front office.
When Brett Brown was relieved of his duties as head coach at the…
Sports Talk with Brodes: Sixers Hire Doc Rivers!
The Philadelphia Sixers hire Doc Rivers as their next head coach! He has a lot of regular season success, but hasn't been out of the second round of the playoffs in quite some time. With that being said, I do like the hire. I think it's important to value his stability and respect througho…
Could We See a Sixer Reunion This Offseason?
Much of the focus around the Sixers currently is changes in coaching and the front office. That being said, readjusting the roster needs to continue to be talked about as well. There are multiple names that the Sixers have been tied to from Buddy Hield to Chris Paul, but all options should be looked…
Sixers Face Daunting Task of Fixing a Mediocre Mess
The Sixers have become exactly what they fought so hard not to be, a team stuck in the middle, with no way out, trapped under bad contracts, poor front office decisions and awful roster construction. All of these things have led the Sixers right back down the path of mediocrity.

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