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McMullen on the Eagles: Give Byron a Chance
PHILADELPHIA (973espn.com) — It didn't take Nostradamus whispering in your ear to see this one developing.
Philadelphia can be tough on its athletes and the scrutiny only grows when a big paycheck is involved. For weeks I've been concerned that Byron Maxwell's big-money contract …
The PETE G PODCAST: Why Are the Eagles 0-1? LISTEN!
It's the debut of The PETE G PODCAST!
After every Eagles win...or loss...I'll break down the game and give you my take as to why they won...or lost.
We'll mix in a few guests along the way this season, as well.
We take a look at the Eagles 26-24 defeat on Monday Night Football to the Fal…
Maxwell Wants the Traveling to Stop in Atlanta
PHILADELPHIA (973espn.com) - Byron Maxwell doesn't mind packing his bags for Atlanta but wants the traveling to stop when he arrives.
There are two schools of thought when it comes to great cornerbacks.
Darrelle Revis is the proprietor of Revis Island and generally locks up with the opposition&ap…
Ertz, Smith back at practice for Eagles
PHILADELPHIA - As preparation for the Week 1 Monday night matchup in Atlanta swings into high gear, the Eagles provided some good news Wednesday as both Zach Ertz and Marcus Smith returned to practice.
In fact all 53 members of the main roster along with the 10-man practice squad were able to work, g…