Seattle Seahawks

Pederson on Protractors and Pereira
( - The Eagles probably could have stopped the Seahawks in their tracks on an important drive in Sunday night's 24-10 setback.
With Seattle's leading 17-10 and driving Russell Wilson was doing Russell Wilson things, escaping the pass rush and a diving Chris Long before racing up…
Left Side of O-Line Becoming an Issue for Eagles
( - If you are looking for reasons why the 10-2 Eagles lost for the first time since September in Seattle on Sunday night you almost have to start with the Seahawks' brilliant MVP candidate Russell Wilson.
That said if you want to start in-house, the left side of the Eagles' offensive lin…
Redeemed Agholor Returns to Seattle
PHILADELPHIA ( — Just over a year ago Nelson Agholor hit rock bottom in Seattle.
It was in the Pacific Northwest on Nov. 20 of last year when Agholor went through the equivalent of a breakdown in the locker room after the weight of consistent mistakes caught up to the former first-r…
Wentz Stays Grounded with Seahawks Approaching
PHILADELPHIA ( — From one MVP to another?
LeBron James is used to hardware, be it NBA championship trophies or MVP awards and one of the greatest all-around players in the history of professional basketball has taken note of another special athlete, Eagles' quarterback Carson W…
Strength of Schedule Argument is a Poor One with Eagles
PHILADELPHIA ( — The irony is lost on the same strength-of-schedule crowd that peddled the narrative that the 2017 Eagles' schedule was so difficult back in August.
Fast forward to Week 13 of the NFL season and Philadelphia is an NFL-best 10-1 while the same people tell you tha…
Eagles Ready For Major West Coast Test
The Philadelphia Eagles enter the month of December with the best record in the NFL. Doubters say the Eagles have not really played anyone and had a bit of an easy schedule to date. The birds will get the chance to prove them wrong with a difficult west coast swing that begins this weekend.

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