There is still one big name free agent on the market, Jadeveon Clowney.

The 27-year-old entered free agency asking for $22 million per year. After two weeks of waiting, he lowered his demands to around $17 million per season.

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One of the issues with Clowney is his injury history.  He has missed 20 games in his career, and is coming off a sports hernia surgery and cannot get a physical due to the coronoavirus pandemic.

He has turned down big money deals from both the Browns and Dolphins, believed to be in the $17-18 million range and the Seahawks offered between $13-16 million, which he didn't even counter.

NFL insider John Clayton from 710 ESPN told us on Wednesday's of The Sports Bash, that price tag has gone down considerably, but that Clowney just might wait it out til after training camp at this point, if he is going to have to accept a lower price tag.

Remember Clowney's name came up earlier this offseason with the Eagles, and Clayton thinks there could be interest from the defensive end.

"He's going to be interested in Philadelphia because one of the things and one of the reasons he turned down Cleveland is because he wants to go to a winning team," Clayton explained.

"He turned down Miami twice because he didn't expect them to be a winning team."

Clayton mentioned that Clowney might take a deal in the $9-10 million range to play for a good deal, with the thought that he will get his money on the free agent market next season.  He also said of he was to sign with a team like the Eagles, and then left in free agency, the team would likely receive a third-round compensatory pick, something Howie Roseman could find attractive.

"I think if its a low price they might do it, but right now probably no," Clayton said.

At this point, I find it unlikely that Roseman brings Clowney in, but the compensatory pick does make it an interesting option, if he was willing to take a one-year deal in the $9-10 million range.

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