I've made my opinions on this Jerry Sandusky scandal abundantly clear, both on the air and in print. This scandal is the worst in the history of sports and the fallout has been in line with the stunning and disturbing allegations. But what the fallout has NOT been in line with is what actually happened in the showers of Penn State University. The dust has settled, heads have rolled and its time to get back to the real issue at hand here...Jerry Sandusky. If you watched ESPN, CNN, CBS, FOX, or even your Facebook news feed, you'd think this scandal was entirely about Joe Paterno. Listen, I understand. We live in the splash media era. The most famous name involved = the name you lead your story with. But in doing so, we've completely lost our compass on this matter. The monster here is Jerry Sandusky. Jerry Sandusky betrayed the sacred trust between child and care-taker. Jerry Sandusky stole his victims' innocence. Jerry Sandusky scarred these children irreparably. Jerry Sandusky is sitting at home, free on bail. No matter what your opinion on Paterno's action (or lack thereof) is, no matter what you think about him not being allowed to finish out the season, whether you think the whole situation was handled disrespectfully...its over now. He's gone. More will follow of course, its my belief that this entire coaching staff will be purged and Penn State University football will start anew in 2012. But now is the time to re-focus our vitriol on Jerry Sandusky and our sympathy on his victims. You can CERTAINLY be angry at the gross inaction displayed by the entire regime at the University and hell, if you so desire, be furious that Joe Paterno has been fired. But this isn't about football, this isn't about legacies, this isn't about idols....this is about a man who used his access to at-risk children to prey upon them in unspeakable ways. This is about a man who took these children, so desperate for a positive role model that they trusted him completely, and betrayed their trust on a level that we could not possibly comprehend. This is about Jerry Sandusky. This is about his victims. Let's not forget that.