The Social Media

We used to think that George Orwell might have been on to something when he said Big Brother is watching us…It’s not just big brother but the whole social media experience. It has permeated itself down to the high school level so much so that when a coaching change, transfer, etc. begins to happen, it hits the airwaves faster than the announcement can be done. 

Case in point is the Charlie Roman hiring at St. Augustine Prep before he had chance to tell his players. By that time it was too late and the kids had time to react. Recently, the hiring of the new coach at Spirit has been rumored over the internet so much that before the official announcement can come, reporters are already doing research on the new hire.  It’s gotten to the point where press releases and news conferences are going to be a thing of the past.

Just look for them on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The CAL standings

Should anyone be surprised at the top teams in the standing? Even after the divisions were separated into three, the same schools are leading again. 

On the boys’ side, Spirit, AC, Prep is the usual suspects but surprisingly Oakcrest at 5-5, (4-2 conference) is in 2nd behind the Hermits. I don’t expect that to last long as Middle Twp. lurks close behind. Pleasantville and Wildwood catholic lead the United with St. Joe’s a half-game back

The girls have Spirit, AC, Middle, Ocean City and Sacred Heart atop their conferences with Cedar Creek giving everyone a run for their money.


This is how the landscape could change as players that transferred will be eligible starting today. Kennedy Johnson (HS to Sacred Heart), Gabriel Chandler (Atl. Christian to AC), Ryan Gill (Prep to OCHS) and others will alter how teams line up. 

This could be good or bad depending how the coaches use the new additions and adding the chemistry that teams have already built. Having a player come in after 10 games or so means less minutes for some and less shots for others and can change how teams play their games.

In this ESPN world of highlights, we all know how that plays out when players who have been getting their points, suddenly don’t get as many. I’m sure the parents will be paying close attention.