Kawhi Leonard heaved his game-winning three falling away, deep in the right corner as time expired. The ball bounced off the right side of the rim twice, then to the left side, pushing inside through the net securing an incredible game seven win for the Toronto Raptors over the 76ers. Watching the explosion of the crowd, the pile-on of Leonard from his teammates, the heartbreak in the faces of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, it was hard not to see both sides of the Eagles 2018 playoff journey within the moment.

The feelings of both sides of an elimination game that comes down to one final push were all too familiar.

The Wild Card win against the Chicago Bears now known as the "double doink" game ended almost the same way. Cody Parkey's attempt at a game-winning field goal hit the post not only once but twice as the ball pushed short of the uprights.

It came down to a few unbelievably lucky bounces. Just like in Toronto. This time the city of Philadelphia faced the other side. They faced the exact demoralizing emotions that Chicago felt just a few months ago.

The Eagles weren't strangers to that side either. Alshon Jeffery knows all too well how Joel Embiid is feeling right now.

After Embiid came down from heavily contesting the final shot, all he could do was watch as his team's season came to an end.

With just two minutes to go in the fourth quarter trailing by six, the Eagles offense was driving deep into Saints territory. Jeffery saw what would be the final pass of the season go straight through his hands and right into the chest of Saints CB Marshon Lattimore.

Another bounce in the air that decided the fate of Philadelphia.

Regardless of one's affiliation with a team or the side of the outcome they fall on, these are the moments that are never forgotten. They really do last a lifetime. Just ask the Atlanta Falcons who still don't seem to truly be over their Super Bowl collapse in 2016.

In defeat, it hurts. It is still tough for Eagles fans to even hear the name Ronde Barber uttered.

But even with the pain, these memories really should be appreciated. The realization it causes about how much everyone cares can be a unifying factor.

Through the confetti or through the tears, it creates a sense of motivation and pride.

The Eagles and 76ers have now both gone through it.

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