For the first time in the Chip Kelly era, OTA practice was open and accessible to the media.

The big stories coming out of Novacare today didn't involve the three quarterbacks.

Rather, it was the songs blasting from the speakers and there seems to be a method behind the madness.

"“There’s a lot of science behind it but I’ve got 12 minutes left in this thing so I can’t really get into the details of it but there’s some science behind it,” Kelly said.

Kelly also banned 'Taco Tuesdays and Fast Food Fridays' at the Novacare Complex, this move goes along with specific fruit smoothies each player will receive after practice.

On the field, Mike Vick did take more practice reps with the first group, although Kelly told reporters to "count them up" and they switched to different groups.

Kelly also called Lane Johnson "the best offensive lineman they have ever drafted," although he didnt mention the fact that Johnson is the only offensive lineman they've drafted.

OTA's continue through Wednesday and will reopen next Monday.

via and Crossing Broad:

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