The Eagles gave DeSean Jackson the deal he was looking for last season this off season, could that be enough to make the Eagles wide outs one of the best units in the NFC?

Many NFL pundits would admit that Jackson did not have a good 2011 season, but maybe a happy Jackson is a better Jackson.  Coupled with his partner Jeremy Maclin, who many believe is primed for a huge season, the Eagles might just have the best duo in the Conference.

Jason Avant is the steady No. 3 receiver who catches just about everything thrown his way, but the real battle at camp will be to find out who will be No. 4.

Riley Cooper hasn't impressed thus far in his short time here in Philly and will be pushed by sixth round pick Marvin McNutt from Iowa.

So what are the strengths, weakness', sleepers and more on the Eagles wide out core in the Football Fix:

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