This has been an interesting weekend for Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver AJ Brown, from deactivating his Twitter account to purging his Instagram, then reports came out Saturday morning he would be ruled out for the Monday Night Playoff Game in Tampa versus the Buccaneers.  So hours after the Eagles officially announced the Second Team All-Pro Wide Receiver Out for Philadelphia Postseason game, he was seen about an hour's drive away from the Eagles Practice facility.

On Saturday Night, Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall hosted the Hooked On Greatness Boxing Show presented by Joe Frazier Jr Promotions in partnership with Danny Swift Promotions.  With Boxing Champions Roy Jones Jr and Danny "Swift" Garcia, they were not the only Superstar athletes inside Adrian Phillips Theater.  The Eagles Injured Wide Receiver was there and this picture speaks volumes:

First of all, Brown appears to be sitting next to a New Jersey Athletic Commission Official who looks very happy but the picture is not great quality so I am unsure who that guy is to Brown's right.  Second, why does Brown look so miserable? Is it because someone recognized him or because he doesn't want to be there or did his favorite fighter loose or is he unhappy the doctors wont let him play Monday Night?

NFL Network Insider Mike Garafolo reports that AJ Brown told the Eagles media department that he was getting off social media for awhile and that is why his X Account (formerly known as Twitter) was de-activated and why his Instagram was scrubbed.  But the more important question is should we start calling him "Arthur Brown" and why does he feel that his Profile Picture should be of a "Black Sheep"?

AJ Brown recently scrubbed his Instagram Account

Now I was at Boardwalk Hall on Saturday Night too and from where I was in the balcony, I couldn't see AJ Brown in Adrian Phillips Arena.  I know he was not sitting with any of the "Boxing Celebrities" like Danny "Swift" Garcia, who were seated to what we my right hand side of the Boxing Ring.  Based on the social media photo, looks like either his back was to my spot in the balcony or he was seated in the opposite corner from me but visual of him was blocked by the Boxing Ring Post.

Photo by Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media
Photo by Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

Hopefully AJ Brown had a good time on Saturday Night despite the social media picture, it was a great night of boxing with some electric fights!  No Brown on Monday Night means the Eagles Number One Receiver in Tampa will be DeVonta Smith, who is returning to play after missing Philadelphia's last game with an Ankle Injury.

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