The New York Daily News acquired exclusive photographs of Jason Pierre-Paul's right hand.

They are surprising, to say the least.

Pierre-Paul remains in rehab after having his right index finger amputated that he badly injured in an Independence Day fireworks display gone wrong.

The photos also display his thumb that was partially clipped off, as well as his middle finger that seems to have a bandage on it.

Pierre-Paul posted a video on Instagram that shows him pulling a sled and working on his rehab without a protective glove on his hand. The defensive end then took to Twitter and continued his optimism.


It's no wonder that Pierre-Paul tried to mislead the Giants and wasnt as forthcoming as the team would have liked. Some in the Giants organization now fear that Pierre-Paul will miss the entire 2015 season. A decision, however, wont come for several weeks.

More photos can be found here.