The website recent was in the area doing their famous "one bite, everyone knows the rules" pizza reviews.

They stopped at two famous local pizza shops, one in Atlantic City and one on the Ocean City boardwalk.  Tony's Baltimore Grill in AC and Manco and Manco on the OC boards were the two pizza's Dave Potrnoy reviewed.

While I like both pizza shops, they are very different, I feel like Manco and Manco's was a little low, but fair.  Meanwhile his review of Tony's Baltimore Grill was absurd.  While Manco and Manco gets a bad rep sometimes as being a tourist spot, it's a good solid slice of pizza.  However Tony's rating, which was one of the lowest i've ever seen for the pizza review segment, he was way off on.  While I'm not suggesting that it should have been a 10, a solid 7.5 or higher should have been the range.

The Sports Bash discussed the pizza ratings, which pizza is better, eating pizza in the heat, craft beer and more with Kevin Kinkead of

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