I call it an "effect" because I don't know what else to call it at this point. Phenomenon? Miracle? Divine intervention? A bad quarterback playing well when it matters most? A future backup quarterback? Or a future Super Bowl winner? However you define him, Tim Tebow is capturing a nation and eliciting responses I never thought a Broncos signal caller could garner.

Here is a sampling of what fans, analysts, fans and haters have had to say to Tim. Remember folks, these are real tweets from real people:

@DickieV: Tebow late makes big plays but I could hear all the haters go ballistic if @timtebow stumbles vs Patriots.#BorntoLead

@BNightengale: “@TommyLasorda: Hey @TimTebow, the difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination.”amen

@MikeyKrenek: I am only tweeting this so I can be included in Joe Giglio's @TimTebow related Top Tweets blog.

@MagicJohnson: Still can't get over the Broncos OT win. Winners find a way to win & @TimTebow is a winner, plain & simple.

@realMickFoley: Been a Bears fan since '68, but when it comes to @TimTebow , I now feel like Dolenz, Tork, Jones and Nesmith did back then; I'M A BELIEVER!

@dlv23:  Am I the only one who still thinks @TimTebow sucks?

@brianrants: Superman and @TimTebow fought. The wager? Loser had to wear underwear on outside of pants for remainder of life. #Tebow

@TheBriceIsRight: After listening to Brian Urlacher's comment yesterday calling @TimTebow "a good running back" All I can say is, Brian, please.

@bbarnes: Can @TimTebow lead the Broncos to the Super Bowl? I'd love too see him and Aaron Rodgers square off! #tebowing

@TheBaldViking: Why do some people not believe that @TimTebow can lead the Bronco's to the Super Bowl? If Trent Dilfer can, Tebow can!

@412inaldi: I wonder if @TimTebow was terrible all semester at Florida but dominated finals week...

@FreshGuyRyRy: The @nfl could not have scripted this @TimTebow story any better. Hands down #AFC MVP!! @ESPN_FirstTake needs to debate that.
@RealSkipBayless: How many 1st downs did Broncos waste 1st 3 qs w/ slow-motion under-center handoffs? McGahee: 34 yds on 17 tries. Then uptempo shotgun BOOM.