Nothing better then a Sunday morning with a nice fresh bagel, and New Jersey has some great options when it comes to finding great bagels

I recently ranked my 20 best bagel shops in South Jersey and my colleague Steve McKay went to Yelp to see which bagels you liked the best.

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Did your favorite bagel shop make the list?  Let's find out!

Coming in at No. 39 on the list was Hot Bagels & More, which had five locations.  They have two in Margate and one in Atlantic City, Somers Point, and Northfield (where you will often find me on Sunday mornings).

The pork roll, egg and cheese at Hot Bagels & More features an uber-thick slice of meat, the cheese above it, the egg below. It took all my willpower to resist the super sugar cinnamon raisin bagel, which is pretty much my idea of the bagel pearly gates. The “more” in the name? They also do regular sandwiches, wings, chicken salad, cheesesteaks, even chicken cordon bleu.

I have been to all five locations and have never left disappointed, I am a pretty simple guy when it comes to my bagel, I generally go everything, toasted with cream cheese, but I have had the pork roll, egg, and cheese, it's worth the trip!

Next up, coming in at No. 12 is Dead End Bakehouse at 1050 Bay Ave in Ocean City, which also made my list of the 20 best shops in South Jersey.

The blueberry bagel here may have been the most “blueberry” of all those sampled.

Here is what stood out to me about the Dead End Bakehouse, they mentioned the blueberry bagel, which is a very specific type of bagel. They also mentioned their maple whiskey spread for the bagel, something that sounds outstanding.

I have been to the Dead End Bakehouse and can say, the bagel was fresh and outstanding.

One more from our area made the list, coming in at No. 5 in the Top 44, is Avalon Coffee Co. which has multiple locations in Rio Grande, Avalon, Cape May Court House, North Cape May, and Cape May.

I think I’ve found the biggest bagels in the great bagel state of New Jersey. The bagels at Avalon Coffee are monstrous, and outrageously soft and chewy besides. The cinnamon raisin bagel, darker, heartier than most, is recommended, and so is the marble rye.

A top-five bagel is worth the trip.  I have been to Avalon coffee plenty of times and absolutely love this spot. They also have a tremendous pork roll, egg, and cheese, but you can't go wrong with a simple bagel and cream cheese or whatever spread you like on your bagel.

These are three shops that got statewide recognition, below is my list of the 20 best shops for my money in our area.

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Where to get the best bagels in South Jersey.

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