What if I told you that a pitch doesn't get thrown in every Major League Ballpark without this Longport, New Jersey company doing its part?

Yes, this Atlantic County, South Jersey company provides a service that's important to baseball.

It has nothing to do with computers or statistics or anything else.

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As a matter of fact, the base of operations takes place in a garage in a nondescript home on a neighborhood street.

No, it's not where Mike Trout works out in the winter.

The garage in this beautiful home is where baseball's famous rubbing mud undergoes its last process before being sent out to every major and minor league baseball team.

That rubbing mud is Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing Mud - a mud that's used to "dirty up" every baseball that sees action in professional ballparks around the country. Rubbing the mud on the baseball makes it less slippery for pitchers to grip and throw.

Jim Bintliff is the company's owner, operator, and chief mud-processor. According to Bintliff, the mud is actually harvested in a secret location near the Delaware River. (The location is only known by 5 people.) It's then brought to his garage in Longport for the final processing.

Bintliff recently moved his home and company operations to Longport, thus the Atlantic County connection.

Talk about a fun small business to run from your own home, right?

You can buy your own "magic mud"  (even Got Mud? t-shirts) from the company's online store, which can be found here.

Sources: BaseballRubbingMud.com and Youtube/6abc

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