In 2016, Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz set the NFL Rookie record for pass attempts in a season with 607, breaking the previous record set by Peyton Manning during his rookie season when he threw 575 Pass Attempts.  In 2017, Wentz has already thrown the ball 85 times in two games and is on pace for 680 Attempts this season while the Eagles Running Backs have combined for 33 Total Carries in the first two games.

13-year NFL Veteran Wide Receiver and NBC Sports Radio Host Amani Toomer joined Mike Gill on Wednesday and gave his perspective on the heavy work load on Wentz in the Eagles offense:

“He’s the best player on that team, you do what your team is built to do; (Eagles) gave a lot of draft picks to move up to get Carson Wentz because they like the way he operates as a Quarterback.  He’s their best player, don’t make any mistake, you don’t just run the ball for running the ball’s sake, you give the ball to your best players and have your best players make plays.  And that’s exactly what Carson Wentz has been doing; I don’t understand the argument, I don’t understand what the problem is.  You can’t just run the ball generically, do you have a great (Running) Back? Do you have some Back that’s much better than Carson Wentz?  No, (the Eagles) don’t, you give the ball to your best player, that’s Carson Wentz, you let him make plays, that’s what you drafted him for, that’s what he’s been doing.”

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