Major League Baseball announced the morning of Opening Day who the top jersey sellers are in Major League Baseball in 2019, as notes Liz Mullin of the Sports Business Journal.  For the first time, the Phillies have a player on top of the list.  The list features usual names Aaron Judge, Mookie Betts and Mike Trout.   But atop the list is Bryce Harper.

This is not all that surprising, given that 2019 was the first opportunity to purchase a Harper Phillies jersey.  The other names on the list have been with their teams for in some cases several years, and one might already have their jersey in the closet.  But Harper is a new team and a new opportunity to own.

Harper's appeal generally extends beyond Phillies fans.  In 2015, Harper was called one of the "most famous" baseball players by USA Today.  The name recognition cannot be denied and Phillies fans are buying the jerseys in droves.  The New Era Team Store at Citizens Bank Park ran out of the letter "R" after strong demand for Harper jerseys.

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