In the Falcons 26-13 win in the NFL Playoffs Wild Card Round, Atlanta's Offensive Line allowed Seven Quarterback Hits on  Matt Ryan while Rams All-Pro Defensive Lineman Aaron Donald alone had 10 Quarterback Hurries.  On Saturday, the Falcons Offensive Line will face an Eagles Defense that features Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Tim Jernigan, and Vinny Curry who were rated four of the Top 30 Defensive Lineman in the NFL in 2017 by Pro Football Focus.

Ross Tucker of NBC Sports Radio and Westwood One Sports joined Mike Gill on Friday discussing the importance of the Eagles play at the line of scrimmage:

“Aaron Donald destroyed those two Guards for the Falcons last week, the problem is (the Rams) still lost 26-13, that’s how well Matt Ryan was moving in the pocket, he was doing a terrific job getting the ball out and he was playing at a really high level – So (the Eagles) need Fletcher Cox, more than anybody, to step his game up and (Falcons) are going slide to him, they’re going to try to double him just like they did to Aaron Donald….I also think the Eagles other Defensive Tackle, Tim Jernigan, is a better penetrator than what the Rams had; Jernigan and whoever else is in there is going to have to have a big game as well.  They’re going to have to have to point blank dominate upfront, both sides of the ball; (Eagles) have a bunch of Pro Bowlers, they got a couple All-Pro Offensive Lineman, they are going to have to dominate upfront both sides of the ball to win this game.”

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