The Phillies had one holdover from the former regime's coaching staff when new manager Gabe Kapler took the helm: Rick Kranitz.  After serving as bullpen coach and then assistant pitching coach, Kranitz took on the role of pitching coach.  But that changed this offseason, when the Phillies gave Chris Young that title instead.

Kranitz has another year on his deal and was expected to return in 2019.  Kapler even said the whole coaching staff was invited back.  But things changed.  According to reports, the Phillies were fielding calls asking for permission to interview Young.  There was the dilemma: could the Phillies deny Young the chance for a promotion?  Should they promote him and keep him themselves?

They did the latter, even though it meant that they would displace Kranitz.  At the time, the team let them know that despite him being under contract, they would let other teams interview the veteran pitching coach.  One of those teams has been identified and it is in the National League East.

In an interesting twist, Meghan Montemurro of the Athletic notes that the Braves were one of the teams the Phillies denied the opportunity to talk to Young.

Kranitz remains very respected and likely will land a job sooner or later.  Ultimately, the Phillies felt that Young might be the longer-term solution and decided to make the change.  The move meant that David Lundquist will serve as assistant pitching coach for the Phillies in 2019.

Kranitz served as pitching coach of the Chicago Cubs, Florida Marlins, and Milwaukee Brewers before joining the Phillies.

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