Much has been made of some comments free agent star infielder Manny Machado made during the World Series.  Machado told reporters that he was "not Johnny hustle" after failing to run out a ground ball, getting a good amount of attention. Machado also stepped on the foot of first baseman Jesus Aguilar purposely as he ran to first base.  Could the club be souring on Machado?

According to a newspaper in Venezuela, they have.   Respected reporter Juan Vene (he has almost 27,000 followers on Twitter if you'd like to check him out) considers the Phillies out on Machado.  Why?  He would not be the leader they would like.

In his "En La Pelota" column, Vene had this to say:

The Phillies already are no longer interested in signing Manny (Maria Moñito) Machado. The manager, Gabe Kapler, does not think it's advisable. In that organization they have a group of youngsters, who require good examples in the field of play, not the indolence of the young man who adorns his head with Maria Moñito's clinejas.

The reference to Maria Moñito represents a sharp criticism of Machado.

The references to "Maria Moñito" are references to a Dominican children's television program.  "Clinejas"  are hair braids.  That appears to be a commentary added by Vene and not something the Phillies manager would have said.

Should the Phillies really be out on pursuing Machado, maybe their sites are firmly set on outfielder Bryce Harper.  The Phillies have made no secret that they wish to spend in 2019.   If they think they can add the talent of Harper, then may be the other factors about Machado may scare them away.  But Machado has the talent.

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