Shane Victorino said Wednesday that his unsettled contract situation has contributed to his struggles. 

"Is there a little something in the back of my mind, yeah," said Victorino. "You want to have your best year."

He certainly isn't having his best season; the free-agent to be is hitting just .248 with seven homers, 13 steals and 28 RBI.

Victorino also commented that he wasn't having any fun this season.  Is this because of his struggles or the teams struggles?

So the next question is, whats the rest of the teams excuse?

Victorino and Hamels both have that built in excuse if you want to let them slide on that, but the rest of the team is struggling and they all have contracts.  Jimmy Rollins just got a brand-spanking new contract, Hunter Pence is signed through next season, abnd most of the veteran guys know that if they play well, they have a sot to be picked up some place else.

Charlie Manuel was feisty after a 8-3 loss to the Dodges on Thursday saying:

"We dont scare anybody, we used to have a swagger, we used to be kind of cocky in a way and teams used to fear us and I definitely don't see that fear anymore."